About NIPS


The New India Public School is a proposed Std.- X Co-educational English Medium School, to be affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.

The basic aim of the School is to develop physical, mental, moral and intellectual abilities of students through the practices of Yoga meditation.
Our School shall endeavour to produce students with spiritual, social, educational and vocational competencies, integrity,  character, self-confidence, dignity of labour and patriotism with absolute faith on the Almighty and ability to render philanthropic and humanitarian services. The students, thus produced, will be effective citizens of our society in the years to come.


The school shall ensure that the children coming to school :  

  • Become regular and punctual.
  • Participate according to their ability and interest in as many curricular and co-curricular activities as could be provided by the school from time to time.In addition ,the school shall endeavour to develop the spirit of communityliving,a sense of belongingness,participation and security for effective group living,through different activities.
  • Develop aesthetic values of life through participation is songs ,instrumental music and dances ,Arts,Crafts,Painting and clay modeling ,Puppet making colour matching, SUPW ,Gardening.
  • Help participation in games, sports, hiking, study tours and field trips, Yoga and Asanas, in order to develop a healthy mind in a healthy body. 

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