Information For Parents

  1. As teachers are constituent body of the school, we are paying high regards to teachers as people were paying regards to Gurus in Gurukula Ashrams in bygone era. Similarly we expect all the parents and guardians  should pay the equal respect to the teachers  of our institution. In fact every teacher is considered as a friend ,philosopher and guide, who spares whole heartedly themselves for the upliftment of our students and the institution.
  2. Parents are requested not to visit the classes  or talk directly with the concerened teacher during the school hours. All business will be transacted in the principal’s/secretaries office.
  3. If the child is not making the expected progress, the parents may discus with the principal on prior appointment.
  4. Parents are to insured that their children come to school in proper cleaned uniform with brushed shoes.
  5. Parents are to insured that their children bring their tiffin boxes and water bottles, diaries, copies and books as per timetable and identity cards to the school every day.
  6. Parents are free to discuss  with the principle during the school hours relating to the academic and other problem concerning their children with prior appointment.
  7. Parents are further requested to receive their children only at the gate after the school.
  8. Parents are to bear in mind that in case of exigency of developing  a programme in the larger interest of the students as well as the institution, the students may be required to stay at least for an hour or so after the school hours at any time without prior notice.
  9. Parents are required to check the diary of the children every day and give their comments to the concerned teacher in writing with their signature.
  10. Sick or untidy children will not be allowed to attend the classes.
  11. Parents are not allowed to take their children home during the school hours without the permission of the principal in case of urgency.